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Bolivar, Missouri
R. Wendell Stewart, Jr., D.V.M.
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Darwina Stewart, R.N.
Lacy Hobbs, D.V.M.

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Magic Meets Someone Who Cares

In May 2009, a couple brought us a female pit bull mix that had been hit by a truck. After lying in a ditch for three days with both back legs broken and a fractured jaw, she had somehow managed to crawl up onto this couple's porch. Assuming she couldn't live, they brought her in to be euthanized.

Mallory, one of our staff, was helping with the examination when this supposedly vicious pit bull suddenly reached up and licked her face - and in so doing won a heart and found a home. Later, the dog was observed somehow walking on just her two front legs. "She's magic!" Mallory exclaimed, and the name stuck.

"Magic," walking on all four legs again, is now happy, frisky, and devoted to Mallory – who, together with the rest of our staff, gave her another chance to live by simply caring.