Animal Care Clinic
Bolivar, Missouri
R. Wendell Stewart, Jr., D.V.M.
Christina Robinson, D.V.M.
Darwina Stewart, R.N.
Lacy Hobbs, D.V.M.

Some Words From our Clients

"Bolivar is very fortunate to have Dr. Stewart"

Bolivar is very fortunate to have Dr. Stewart and his staff. They have the same compassion and caring for our pets as we do. They understand our pets are a big part of our family. As a personal note, we want to express our gratitude to Dr. Stewart and staff for the dedication and care you have shown to us and for the health of our pets over the years. We deeply appreciate it. We have been going to Dr. Stewart since April 23, 1990.

Pat and Penny Fraser

"His years of experience and concern were so important"

Dr. Stewart has been the doctor for my babies for over twenty years. He has cared for three Dobermans, a Lhasa Apso, a Golden Retriever, and a Giant Schnauzer (plus many cats and dogs of extended family members). My dogs are my family, and I admit I'm somewhat of a worrier when I just have that "feeling" something is not quite right with their health.

Dr. Stewart, Darwina, and Mallory are always willing to listen to my concerns, which I greatly appreciate. Dr. Stewart diagnosed Panzer's (Doberman) thyroid problem (she now has an awesome coat) and Katey's (Giant Schnauzer) Addison's Disease, a dangerous but manageable disease. His years of experience and concern were so important in catching those not-so-common illnesses. They have been there for the good times and the not so good times throughout the years, and I'm thankful they are there to care for my "family" members.

Debbie McCaslin

P.S. Panzer and Katey also love to be groomed by Mary and her staff at Animal House next door.

"Professional, caring, willing to go the extra mile, miracle workers!'

These are a few ways of describing Dr. Stewart and staff at Animal Care Clinic.

They care for others' animals as much as the owners do and it shows. I have watched as Dr. Stewart carried our cat George in his arms like a baby and gently kissed the top of his head; Dr. Stewart didn't know I saw him. That extreme care and concern starts when you bring your pet in the front door and continues thoughout treatment and their return home and the follow up call if any. Because Dr. Stewart went "the extra mile" our beloved cat George had his life and time with us extended.

We can never thank them enough!

Ron and Melba Butler

Even when the time comes to say goodbye...

I cannot even begin to thank you for all you did for Sandy! If we had taken her anywhere else, they would not have even given her a chance. I know you did everything you could to save her, and it made it easier when she passed to know you cared. When I had to bring her back in, she was so happy she ran up to the door! She loved all of you. You gave her such comfort her last few days!

She was such a special wonderful being, and we are happy to have had the short time we had with her. No one can ever take her place. Thank you again for all you did! I could never repay your kindness! God bless you!

The Bethurems
Josh, Kari, Lily & Aiden