Five Things You Can Do to Improve Your Dog’s Teeth

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Nearly 85 percent of dogs have dental issues—and not just run of the mill dental issues, but issues that require professional attention. If your dog is more than three years old, and you haven’t yet taken them to the vet for a cleaning, odds are you already know this deep down. It’s easy for us to get in the habit of just not looking at our dog’s teeth and gums, because we don’t want to see the irritation and the bloody gums, or smell the telltale rotten odor of gum disease. But dental health is an issue that cannot be ignored, and today is the day to start taking your dog’s dental health seriously. With that in mind, here are five tips from an animal care center in Bolivar, MO for improving the health of your dog’s teeth.

Dental treats

The simplest thing you can do today is to begin to give your dog dental health treats. These treats are designed to help stimulate the enzymes that break down plaque in your dog’s mouth. The best solution of all is to intermittently feed your dog a diet of dry food with dental-positive properties. The dental health additives work on the teeth like other treats do (such as Greenies), and the abrasive quality of the dry food helps clean their teeth.

Brush their teeth

Regularly brushing their teeth with doggy toothpaste is the best thing you can do yourself. Remember, most people never brush their dog’s teeth, so even doing it once a week or once a month will be an improvement. After some regular brushing, you should notice improvement in your dog’s gum health.

Natural remedies

In addition to doggy toothpaste, you can brush your dog’s teeth with a mix of kefir and coconut oil. You can also brush a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and aloe vera onto their teeth. Both of these remedies require follow-up brushing to remove the loosened plaque.

Dental toys

Here’s another at-home remedy that doesn’t take much work on your end: get your dog a dental toy, such as a rope bone. The right dental toy acts like a toothbrush and floss, scraping the outsides of the teeth and working in between them as well.

Take them to the vet

Like humans, animals need regular deep dental cleaning from a professional to supplement at-home brushing. This will not only improve the quality of your pet’s life, but it will probably extend the length of their life as well. Dental issues can lead to a number of serious mouth issues, as well as other health issues, including kidney problems.

Call an animal care center in Bolivar, MO

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is an important part of dog ownership. If your dog is in need of a checkup, whether this is their yearly regular checkup or whether you’re bringing them for their first appointment in quite some time, please call now! There’s not a simpler step that you can take toward improving the health and quality of life of your dog than simply taking care of its teeth.

We’ve been a premier animal care center in Bolivar, MO for over 45 years, and in that time have built relationships with lots of dogs and lots of dog owners. We deeply value these relationships, and do our best to treat your dog with the care and tenderness you would. If you’d like to work with vets that go the extra mile, and understand that when they’re treating your pet, they’re treating a member of your family, then please give us a call here at the Animal Care Clinic of Bolivar.

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