The Essentials for Keeping Your Cat Healthy

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Getting a new pet is exciting, but if you’ve just gotten your first cat, you might have some questions about their basic health needs. While each cat breed is different, there are some essentials that apply to their health across the board. Whether you’re preparing yourself for your first trip to the veterinarian in Bolivar, MO or you’re doing your research before you adopt your new furry friend, these health tips will help you get a better idea of what to expect.

What to Feed Your Cat

All cats require taurine, which is an amino acid found in their foods to promote heart and eye health. The amount needed differs depending on your cat’s age and health level, so to learn what’s best for your feline friend, it’s best to take him or her to a veterinarian. They can also tell you how much to feed them.

Where to Place the Litter Box

Like most animals, cats are creatures of habit. For this reason, it’s important that the litter box is placed in an area that you plan to keep it in. The area should be relatively quiet and easily accessible for your feline friend. If your cat likes to venture into the basement or second floor of your house, it’s best to have a litter box there as well.

Keeping the Litter Box Clean

It’s essential to clean your cat’s litter box daily, as many cats won’t use one that is too dirty. This will cause them to have accidents in the house, or worse, they will hold it in. You also don’t want your cat using a dirty litter box, as it can cause skin irritation and infections. Scoop the poop daily, and dump the entire litter box at least once a week and scrub it before replacing the kitty litter.

Tending to Your Cat’s Nails

Unlike dogs, a cat will need to scratch to keep their nails healthy. It is a natural habit that should be addressed by providing your cat with a scratching post. This will allow your cat to tend to their nails without tearing up your furniture. Some cat owners also choose to clip their cats’ nails every few weeks. This can be important for cat owners with small children, as it will keep the cat’s nails blunt and prevent them from scratching people. It can also help to prevent your cat from an accidental self-injury that can sometimes occur if their nails are too sharp.

Providing an Area of Their Own

While some cats will find their own comfy spot in your home and claim it as their own, it’s important that you provide them with a bed as well. This gives them a soft, warm place to go to when they’re looking to rest or go to sleep. It will also act as a place of comfort for them if they’re scared of stormy weather or loud construction going on.

Making Regular Veterinarian Appointments

Like humans, cats require regular health checkups. It’s recommended that you bring your cat to see a veterinarian in Bolivar, MO at least once a year for an examination and any necessary vaccinations. Your vet will also be able to monitor your cat’s weight and adjust their diet accordingly.

If you’ve recently welcomed a cat into your home, schedule an appointment with the veterinarians at the Animal Care Clinic of Bolivar. The team of experts at our animal clinic in Bolivar, MO will ensure that your furry friend is up to date on their treatments and able to live a long, healthy life.

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