Summer Pet Safety

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Now that summer is almost here, you’re probably getting excited to spend sunny days with your furry friend. But before you head outside for a day of fun in the sun, be sure to mind the following advice regarding summer pet care in Bolivar, MO:

  • Protect their skin: Your pet’s fur protects them against the majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays. But as you know, pets aren’t furry everywhere. Applying pet-designated sunscreen every three to four hours on your pet’s skin will help prevent skin cancer—the most common form of cancer in dogs and the second most common in cats.
  • Soothe sunburns safely: Even if you’re diligent, sunburns can still happen. If that’s the case, be sure to soothe the burn with a veterinarian-approved aloe. Rubbing aloe on burns twice a day will heal them right up in no time.
  • Pick the right time to walk: Dogs (and even some cats) love going on their walks, but they should only go at the right time of day during the summer. Heading out during the hottest part of the day is dangerous to your pet; they can have trouble breathing when it’s super hot and humid. Choose to walk in the morning before the sun has fully risen, or in the evening as the sun begins to set.
  • Never leave them in the car: Bringing your pet along while you run errands can be fun for you both. You get a companion and they get to go for a ride in the car! However, try to bring them inside with you when you’re out of the car. It takes very little time for the temperature in a vehicle to climb to unsafe levels, which can cause serious illness, injury and even death for your pet.
  • Protect from parasites: Dangerous parasites run rampant during the summer months—they can even live in your pet’s water dish! Vaccinate your dogs and cats soon, before they’re affected by nasty parasites.
  • Apply insect repellents: Though not as dangerous as a parasite, insects like mosquitoes can transmit diseases. Protect your animal from mosquitoes, fleas and ticks with special repellent. Speak to your vet today about repellents that assure the best possible pet care in Bolivar, MO.
  • Avoid charcoal briquettes: Grilling juicy steaks, burgers and hot dogs is one of the best ways to spend a summer evening. However, you should try to avoid using charcoal briquettes around overly curious pets. When ingested, briquettes cause serious intestinal problems, which may require surgery.
  • Don’t share: Your dogs will undoubtedly beg for scraps of your grilled steaks and burgers, but avoid the temptation to feed them! Those fatty meats (and much people food, in general) can wreak havoc on their digestive system, causing pancreatitis and even death.
  • Mind your garden: They’re beautiful flowers, but azaleas can be toxic if ingested by your animals. Azalea ingestion results in vomiting, diarrhea, drooling or even an abnormal heart rate. Though not harmful to dogs, pollen from lilies can cause acute kidney failure in cats. Be sure to remove any lilies from your garden if you have an outdoor cat.

Summer is a great time to bring your pet in for a checkup! At Animal Care Clinic of Bolivar, we offer the best pet care in Bolivar, MO to ensure a happy pet all summer long. We look forward to caring for your pet!

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