Summer Flea and Tick Prevention Tips for Your Pet

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The sun is shining, and the days are long and warm—it must be summertime! While that’s good news for most of us across the country, it could be troublesome for your four-legged friend. Summer is the most dangerous time of the year for flea and tick bites, and it’s up to you to prevent them from happening to your pet. Continue reading to learn what you and your animal clinic in Bolivar, MO can do to keep your pet safe and happy this summer:

  • Apply medicine: The best way to prevent fleas and ticks from bothering your animals is to give them all preventative medicine. Whether it’s a topical treatment or a pill, be sure your animals have their regular dose this summer. If you have multiple cats or dogs, be sure to apply their flea and tick medicine all at the same time. Corralling them all can be difficult, but treating them all at once will lessen the chance that they pick up fleas and ticks.
  • Inspect their fur: After your animals come inside from a walk or playing in the yard, take a few seconds to comb through their fur and look for fleas and ticks. Spotting these pests early will decrease the chance that they spread harmful diseases. Fleas are a lot harder to see than ticks. It’s easiest to spot them on your animal’s skin or in areas where their hair is thinnest.
  • Remove ticks right away: Should you spot a tick, take out your trusty tweezers and pull that tick off immediately. Tick removal is the only way to safeguard against diseases. If you have trouble removing a tick, bring your pet to the vet’s office to let a professional handle it.
  • Cut your grass: Ticks like hanging out in tall grass and dense forests. Keeping your grass as short as possible throughout the summer reduces the number of ticks in your yard. Obviously, if your grass is short and ticks aren’t prevalent, the chances that your pet will be bitten are much lower.
  • Hire an exterminator: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this, but if your flea and tick problem is bad enough, you may have to call an exterminator to take care of the situation. Though it may be expensive, hiring an exterminator ensures that your home will be flea- and tick-free.
  • Visit a vet: Be sure to bring your dog to a vet for dog vaccinations in Bolivar, MO. Fleas and ticks carry tons of diseases, but luckily, simple vaccines can protect against many of them. Getting vaccines now is especially important for pet owners with puppies or kittens. Vaccinating now will ensure they’re happy and healthy throughout their life.

Don’t wait one more day to pick up flea and tick medication for your pet. Stop by our pet hospital in Bolivar, MO to purchase the right medication for your cats and dogs. We won’t just give you the right meds—we’ll also show you exactly how to apply it, so there’s a much lower chance that your animal will be affected by fleas or ticks this summer.

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