What You Should Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

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An experienced veterinarian in Bolivar, MO has answered all sorts of questions from pet owners, including inquiries about the steps to take after their dog has bitten a person. If your dog does bite someone, what should you do? Here are some tips from a local pet hospital in Bolivar, MO:

  • Remain calm: So, your dog just bit someone. Don’t react with panic—this type of situation requires you to stay as calm as possible. Arguing and blaming the other person won’t help the situation, and you don’t want to do anything that may cause your dog to attack again. At this moment, the bite victim is concerned for their safety and thinking about what to do next—like call a lawyer or the police. By remaining calm and being polite and nice, you’re helping to ease to victim’s fear. Your actions could persuade them to not involve a lawyer.
  • Get the person medical help: Whether it’s a minor or major bite, it’s important to get the bite mark checked out, cleaned and bandaged. Offer to help clean the bite victim’s wound or take them to the hospital for medical treatment. In the case of a severe bite or vicious attack, call an ambulance right away. If you feel you need to, offer to pay for the person’s medical bills—especially if they did not provoke the attack. This may be enough of a gesture for them to not involve lawyers.
  • Exchange information: Like in the event of an automobile accident, be sure to give your contact information to the victim. This may be the law where you live, so provide your name, address, email address and phone number. You want to get their information and that of any witnesses as well. Keep their information for your lawyer, just in case they decide to report the incident and take legal action.
  • Copy your dog’s medical records: Once you get home, locate and make copies of your dog’s medical records. If you can’t find the records, contact your vet and ask for emailed copies. Now that you have the victim’s information, you can email to them proof that your dog is up today on their rabies shots. This information will give the bite victim peace of mind knowing they won’t need to go through the treatment for rabies.

Your dog was defending you

Not all dog attacks are random. Your dog might have been trying to protect you and your family, which is why someone ended up with a bad bite. Your dog cares about you and will protect you to the best of their abilities, so if you are threatened or assaulted, your dog may go into defense mode. If you were attacked and your dog bit the attacker, don’t stick around to see if the person is all right. Leave the area and call the police.

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