Quick Tips on How to Prepare Your Pet for Spaying or Neutering Surgery

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Having a pet undergo spaying or neutering will definitely be a nerve-racking time for your pet and your family, as all you want is for your pet to get through the surgery safely so that they can return home and begin recovery. Even though this time is scary, being prepared can give you considerable peace of mind. Here are a few tips from the veterinary team at your pet hospital in Bolivar, MO to help you prepare your pet for their upcoming spaying or neutering surgery.

Preparing the night before

Just as people fast the night before surgery, pets too must abstain from eating the night before their surgery. The difference for pets is that their energy reserves are limited because they are much smaller, so depending on your particular pet’s needs, the veterinarian may have you give them a small meal in the morning if necessary. For example, if your pet has diabetes, the vet may recommend that you give them a small meal when you give them their insulin. The night before surgery is also a good opportunity to set up the area that your pet will stay in while they are recovering, which will need to be away from any small children or other pets in the home.

The morning of the surgery

Even if your pet’s surgery is scheduled for the afternoon, the vet will likely ask you to get your pet there early in the morning. Based upon your pet’s current health status, additional tests, IV catheter placements or blood work might be needed. The staff will also have to determine the amount of anesthesia that will be required for the surgery. Both your pet and the surgeon will need to be as ready for the surgery as possible, and it will take time for the team to complete all of the necessary tasks to make sure this is the case.

Once you have dropped your pet off, there are usually a few housekeeping items that you will need to take care of with the office staff as well, which is another reason for the early morning start. After all of this has been completed, try to keep yourself busy so that you can relax until it is time to pick your pet up again.

Although the time surrounding a surgery is filled with anxiety, knowing exactly what your pet is headed into can be very helpful. Make sure you ask any and all questions you might have, and work with veterinarians in Bolivar, MO who understand just how trying this time is for your pet and your family. Our team at Animal Care Clinic of Bolivar is here to make sure your pet’s spay and neuter in Bolivar, MO is done the right way, and that your pet is able to heal successfully so they can return to their normal activities. Give our pet hospital a call to schedule an appointment so we can help get your pet on the road to a safe surgery and recovery as soon as possible.

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