How to Take Care of an Outdoor Pet

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You care about your pet’s health and wellbeing, which is why it’s no surprise that pet safety in Bolivar, MO is at the top of your pet care list. What do you do to ensure their safety when you aren’t home? If you have an outdoor dog or cat in Bolivar, MO, then the following pet safety tips are for you!

Outdoor dog tips

If you must leave your dog outside, keep in mind that just because a dog is trained doesn’t mean he or she will be safe out in the yard all day. First, invest in a sturdy security fence. Dangers your dog could encounter include harsh weather conditions, wildlife, household chemicals and toxic plants. Some dogs also get bored easily or feel lonely when left outside for hours:

  • Provide protection from the heat: Leave out more than enough water for outdoor dogs on hot days. Buckets set a few inches into the ground work best, as they are hard to push over and can hold a lot of water and ice. The soil acts as an insulator for cold water. Dogs also need shade and places to lie down that are not scorching pavement or sand. The hot sun can be overwhelming and dangerous, which is why shaded grass or covered patio areas are crucial.
  • Provide protection from the cold: Depending on where you live, fall and winter can bring cold winds and moisture. Provide your dog with an insulated doghouse for protection, or keep an outdoor kennel warm (but not too hot) using warming lamps. Shorter haired dogs need a doggie sweater or jacket, while all dog paws can benefit from dog booties. Don’t leave dogs outside alone if the snow is too high. Do, however, shovel paths through the snow so they can go to the bathroom and play when you let them out.
  • Prevent poisoning: In winter, make sure your dog doesn’t step in deicers or rock salt, which can irritate paw pads and be deadly if ingested. Additionally, be sure dogs don’t have access to toxic chemicals, such as gasoline, antifreeze, fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides.

Outdoor cat tips

A majority of cats enjoy going outside and staying out for hours or even days on end. However, cats face a bevy of outdoor risks, such as traffic, disease, other cats, other animals and being picked up by animal control. How can you keep cats safe? Here are some suggestions:

  • Wait until they are older: Kittens shouldn’t be allowed to wander outside until they get a bit older (at least six months) and have had all their vaccinations. It’s also good to spay or neuter your cat before giving them access to the outdoors. You won’t wind up with kittens, and there will be a reduced risk of catfights.
  • Get ID tags: Both outdoor cats and dogs should wear identification tags and be microchipped. These types of ID systems can help bring your pet home more quickly if they end up lost.

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