Tips for Feeding Dogs and Cats the Right Amount of Pet Food in Bolivar, MO

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You love your dog a lot, and you want him or her to be happy and healthy. Improving your dog’s health begins with making sure they are eating the best food for them and that you are feeding them the right amount daily. So, are you feeding your pet the right type of food, and the right amount? What your cat or dog in Bolivar, MO needs depends on a few things—for instance, a thinner pet may benefit from eating food high in fat and protein, while an overweight pet likely needs to eat a low-fat, low-protein diet.

Every pet is different, and age plays a role, which is why veterinarians suggest taking pet food packaging feeding directions with a grain of salt. Below are five tips for feeding your dog or cat the right amount of pet food in Bolivar, MO:

  • Feed a balanced diet: Like humans, dogs and cats need to eat a nutritionally balanced diet every day. Do your research before buying pet food to ensure your chosen brand offers a well-balanced formula. Another option is making your own pet food. Get recipes from your vet or online, but be sure you’re cooking meals with nutrients necessary for optimal pet health.
  • Use measuring cups: While it’s good to consult the feeding instructions on the side of the pet food packaging, you must actually measure out that amount. A measuring cup is the best tool you can use in your quest to figure out how much to feed your cat or dog. Play around with the amount until you find the perfect balance.
  • Trial and error: Continuing on from the last point, the only way you’re going to know if you’re feeding your pet the right amount of food is to play around with how much you give them. Increase and decrease food amounts over a few days to weeks to help find the right portion size. If your dog or cat is getting too fat, feed them less. If they are loosing weight, feed them a little more. Also, keep track of what and how many treats they’re getting in a single day. The calories in treats can add up fast!
  • Add extra moisture to food: Feeding your pet the right amount of food is one thing, but pets also need to drink enough water. Unfortunately, not all dogs or cats get enough water on a daily basis. Preventing dehydration in pets is as easy as providing more moisture. Incorporate wet food into their meals, or add salt-free broth or plain water to dry kibble.
  • Consider age: Puppies and kittens will need to eat a lot more nutritious foods than older pets. This is because they are still growing. As dogs and cats get older, they develop age-related ailments and soon become less active, hence their need for less food every day. If your pet’s metabolism is slowing down, play around with the measuring spoon again, or try switching to a senior pet food for your dog or cat in Bolivar, MO.

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