Tips for Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

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Unlike humans, dogs have “living” nails that cover nerves and blood vessels called the quick. Because of this, dogs’ nails are exceptionally sensitive, and cutting a nail too close to the quick or cutting the quick itself can be an extremely painful experience for your dog. Trimming your dog’s nails can be a scary procedure, especially if your dog has black nails, which makes it more difficult to see where the quick begins and ends.

If you’re uncomfortable trimming your dog’s nails, you can likely bring them in for a trimming session at your local vet. Many pet stores and pet groomers also offer affordable forms of pet care in Bolivar, MO, including nail trimming services. It’s important to have someone who’s confident and comfortable with the nail trimming process cutting your dog’s nails.

If you’d like to handle cutting your dog’s nails on your own, there are a number of steps that you can take that will make the process more comfortable and less stressful for both you and your dog. Here are just a few tips to make the nail trimming process less intimidating:

  • Touch the paws often: Many dogs don’t like having their paws touched. When it comes time to have their nails cut, the simple act of touching their paws may cause them to become distressed and uncomfortable. Regularly touching your pet’s paws can help them become more comfortable when it comes time to clip their nails.
  • Go slowly: It can be tempting to clip the nails as quickly as possible, in an attempt to get it over with for both you and your pet. Rushing through the nail trimming process, however, may distress your pet and lead you to make mistakes. Go slowly, and consider clipping one or two nails during the first session and leaving the rest for later.
  • Give treats and encouragement: Throughout the trimming process, encourage and pet your dog, and give them treats. This will help them stay still and reduce their anxiety levels. If your dog becomes distressed, stop trimming and resume the process later.
  • Know how much to cut: This is definitely the most challenging aspect of cutting your dog’s nails. You should cut about two millimeters from the quick, which, if your dog has white or clear nails, can be easy to see. If your dog has black nails, try trimming one small portion of the nail at a time.
  • Keep calm: During the trimming process, it’s important to remain as calm and collected as possible. This will reduce the amount of stress that both you and your pet experience, and reduce the likelihood of a negative outcome!

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