How to Prevent Dental Disease in Your Dog

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Lots of pet owners don’t think too much about the oral hygiene of their pets, but the reality is that caring for your dog’s teeth and gums is an essential aspect of caring for your pet’s overall health. If left untreated, dental disease in dogs can lead to major problems, including inhibited organ functioning. In order to avoid the negative effects of dental disease, it’s important to consider professional pet dental care in Bolivar, MO to get your dog into the best health possible.

Why is oral hygiene so important?

Your dog’s mouth is connected by its bloodstream to every other major organ and system in its body. That means that a disease that originates in the mouth can eventually impact the functioning of your dog’s heart, kidneys and liver. In some cases, poor oral hygiene is even linked to increased risk of cancer and diabetes in dogs.

At the end of the day, maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene is all about promoting pet safety in Bolivar, MO. You can identify whether your dog has good oral health by taking a look at their gums and teeth. A dog with a healthy mouth should have pink gums and white teeth. Signs of poor oral hygiene include tartar buildup on the teeth and discolored gums.

How to improve your dog’s oral hygiene

While there are a few different factors that can contribute to dental disease in dogs, oral hygiene can primarily be traced back to your dog’s diet. The best way to improve your dog’s oral hygiene is to make a dietary change. There have been a number of studies that demonstrate the downsides of an all-kibble diet for dogs, so you should transition to a more natural diet. Dogs need muscle meat, vegetables and raw, meaty bones to stay healthy. It’s important that you give your dog bones to gnaw on, since this behavior actually strengthens your dog’s teeth and gums.

Aside from dietary changes, it’s also important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly and schedule appointments for pet dental care in Bolivar, MO. Checkups with a professional will help you determine whether you’re on the right track and give you the opportunity to ask questions about dental care for your dog. They will be able to advise you about specific treatments and products that can help improve your pet’s oral hygiene and overall health. In addition, they can offer dental cleanings to remove plaque buildup and improve the condition of your dog’s teeth.

Learn more about pet safety in Bolivar, MO

If you want to find out more about how you can care for your pet’s oral health or are looking for professional dental care for your dog in Bolivar, MO, reach out to Animal Care Clinic of Bolivar. For over 45 years, our team of trained and experienced veterinarians has proudly cared for animals of all kinds with comprehensive services and treatments, including wellness exams, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, surgery, grooming, boarding and more. Give our team a call today to schedule an appointment for your pet!

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