Bird Care 101: Tips from a Veterinarian in Bolivar, MO

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Are you considering adding a winged pet to your home? Perhaps you’re already a bird owner, but aren’t sure exactly what care you should be offering to your beaked pal. Your veterinarian in Bolivar, MO is here to help.

To keep your bird happy and healthy, you must provide basic vet care as well as bird-friendly care at home. Use the following tips to give your feathered friend everything he needs to thrive.


When you purchase a bird, you should bring the bird to a vet before you take it to its new home. The vet can assess the bird for any potential contagious diseases. Birds should also visit their vet once a year for a routine physical exam. Bring the bird to the vet in its cage, if possible. The condition of cages can be helpful in diagnosing disorders.

These regular checkups are important to protect your bird from illness. Keep in mind, birds can mask illness until it is well advanced. If you notice any differences in your bird’s behavior, contact your veterinarian in Bolivar, MO right away.


Choose the largest cage possible to house your bird. The width should allow for a full stretch of the wings, and the height should accommodate long tails, if needed. The cage should be made of nontoxic material and designed for ease of cleaning and bird safety. Remember, it must also be strong enough to withstand bird tampering.

Inside the cage, you should place food and water bowls, perches and toys. Use wide bowls instead of deep cups for food. Place food at the opposite side of the cage from the water, to encourage your bird to get exercise. It’s also helpful to have two sets of bowls, so one is always available while the other is being cleaned. Consult with your veterinarian in Bolivar, MO to determine what specific food is best for your bird.

Perches should be constructed of pesticide-free natural wood. These offer birds entertainment and relaxation. Be sure to replace perches frequently, as they can quickly become worn or soiled. For placement in the cage, avoid putting perches directly above water or food dishes, so droppings do not fall into these bowls.

Appropriate toys for birds include branches, natural fiber rope, pine cones, cardboard rollers, corncobs and rawhide chews. Birds may also enjoy branches placed against the cage exterior, where the bird can pull them through the wires.


It’s important to maintain a clean cage for your bird. A thorough cleaning each week is recommended, in addition to daily cleaning of the cage floor and bowls. Watch for blood on the floor of the cage and any unusual droppings. These signs should not be ignored. They can alert you to illness that your bird may be masking. If you act on these early warning signs, you can get your bird the care she needs from your veterinarian in Bolivar, MO.


Don’t hesitate to contact our veterinarian in Bolivar, MO with any questions about your bird’s care. Schedule regular visits to keep your bird in good health. The team at Animal Care Clinic of Bolivar is made up of dedicated professionals who combine compassion and concern with state-of-the-art practice techniques and diagnostics. We chose to be in this profession because we genuinely care for people and their companion animals. Contact us today!

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