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Should I Change My Dog’s Diet During the Summer?

August 9, 2019 11:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The summer heat and humidity in Missouri can be extremely difficult on all of us, even our four-legged friends. Pets feel the hot weather just as much as we do, and because of that, their behavior tends to shift during the summer. Many of the patients we see at our animal hospital in Bolivar, MO during the hotter months of the year aren’t eating their regular diets, causing their families to be understandably concerned. Understanding Food Energetics Just as humans have food sensitivities, so do dogs. Food energetics is a contributing factor when a pet is experiencing discomfort from their... View Article

Do Heartworm and Flea Prevention Need to Be Given Year-Round?

July 10, 2019 7:33 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Both heartworms and fleas are relatively common pests that adversely impact the health and comfort of pets. Conscientious pet owners, however, can prevent both heartworm and flea infections by proactively treating their dogs and cats with approved flea and heartworm medications. Savvy pet parents should seek out expert advice from an animal clinic in Bolivar, MO. They can provide you with veterinarian-recommended flea and heartworm prevention medications, as well as the best application schedule. Preventing Heartworm Heartworm is a devastating disease that affects both cats and dogs. Heartworm is a mosquito-borne illness; infections occur when parasitic worms enter pets through... View Article

What You Need to Know About Pet Vaccinations

March 8, 2019 8:33 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Pet owners are often unaware of the importance of pet vaccinations. The vaccinations are misunderstood, or pet owners simply lack knowledge about vaccines. To keep you in the know, your animal clinic in Bolivar, MO offers the following FAQ. Use this to educate yourself about this important aspect of pet care. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact your animal clinic in Bolivar, MO for answers. What is a pet vaccination? Vaccines help prevent illness in your pet. They provide immunity to a variety of infectious diseases that can affect your pet. They are not a cure,... View Article

What Are the Long-Term Complications of Having Your Cat Declawed?

August 10, 2018 9:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Cats love to scratch, as it helps them keep their claws manageable, mark their territory and get in a good stretch all at the same time. However, sometimes they might take their scratching activities to an undesirable furnishing or surface in your home, which sends you scrambling to figure out a solution to protect your furniture. When considering ways to get their cat to stop tearing up the furniture, many people give consideration to declawing. However, many veterinarians in Bolivar, MO know that this procedure could actually be causing your cat a great deal of pain and trauma, in both... View Article

What You Should Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

July 25, 2018 9:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

An experienced veterinarian in Bolivar, MO has answered all sorts of questions from pet owners, including inquiries about the steps to take after their dog has bitten a person. If your dog does bite someone, what should you do? Here are some tips from a local pet hospital in Bolivar, MO: Remain calm: So, your dog just bit someone. Don’t react with panic—this type of situation requires you to stay as calm as possible. Arguing and blaming the other person won’t help the situation, and you don’t want to do anything that may cause your dog to attack again. At... View Article