September 27, 2018

Great Animal Care

"We wanted to thank Dr Roweton for taking such good care of a neighborhood kitty " CJ", he was in desperate in need of care. Kitty had a severely injured leg ( broken and infected to the bone.) Doctor and staff treated the kitty in house for a few days and then sent him (to our home) onto the next phase, an extensive rehab treatment. The leg had to be soaked in an Iodine, Epson Salt, and Water mixture everyday for 2 weeks. After the first night of treatment, I had more medicine on me than the kitty.... necessity became the mother of invention. We took a Cotton ace Bandage and cut it into a 4 inch piece, dunked it into the med mix and wrapped his leg, frequently basting it to keep it wet. 1 week later, wounds almost completely healed! 2 weeks in, even better. He can now put weight on his injured leg and is doing great back at the neighbors house. Thank you so much for working with us on the care costs for a kitty that didn't belong to us. Sometimes we just need to step up to the plate for neighborhood animals, who belong to others who don't have the means. Thank you so very much Dr Roweton and Staff! CJ thanks you too (meow!)"
December 7, 2017

"They took great care of my dog when she had her check up and vaccinations done while staying the day there!"
November 7, 2017

"They take such good care of my fur babies !"
November 3, 2017

"Great clinic fair and honest. Could not save shadows eye. But did excellent on closing it up. Thanks that was over 5 years ago. Still use clinic even though now live in Springfield."
November 3, 2017

"Lindsey and Levin run an exceptional veterinary practice. The two obviously deeply care about the animals they treat and are respectful and helpful towards pet owners. They helped diagnose our Fritz with food allergies and helped us find the right food that alleviated his issues. We had no idea that his food was the issue! I highly recommend this veterinary practiceon anyone in need of basic and advanced pet and animal care."